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    CERTUM | ˈker.tum | adj. | Latin


    LUX | luːks | n. | Latin



    SATISFACTION GUARANTEE | If it fails, we will replace it.

    UNIVERSAL LIGHT FIT | The CERTUM LUX2 is compatible with a variety of compact weapon lights: the Streamlight TLR-7/TLR-7A, Surefire XC1-B, XC2, Inforce APLc, Olight PL-Mini, PL-Mini 2, and the Nightstick TCM-550XL. (Not compatible with TLR8 or BALDR.) Retention is not dependent on the light, so the holster works without a light as well.

    SECURELY CONCEALED | The Tenicor T1 belt clip by Discreet Carry Concepts leverages strength and durability with unique Tenicor-designed vertical adjustment slots. The adjustable camming bar rotates the grip of the gun into the body with the tension of the belt for appendix carry wear. 

    PRECISION FIT | Built from proprietary CAD designs and precision CNC machined tooling for a positive, Trucise™fit. Dual tension screws allow for subtle adjustments.


    The CERTUM LUX2 brings authentic concealment to appendix- and hip-carry light holsters. This holster is more concealable than most non-light holsters. Additionally, the CERTUM LUX2 is compatible with a variety of compact weapon lights (e.g., Streamlight TLR7, Surefire XC1-B, XC2, Inforce APLc). Retention is not dependent on the light, so the holster works also without a light. The camming bar is interchangeable with three different sizes to fine-tune concealment when worn forward of the hip point. When cinched by the belt, the camming bar rotates the grip into the body to keep the gun hidden.

    OPTIMIZED CONCEALMENT | Slim, simple, and sound, the CERTUM LUX2 is designed to give you options. It is at home behind the hip with 15 degrees of cant or in front of the hip with 0 degrees of cant. All excess material has been removed, with the result that the profile of the CERTUM LUX2 is smaller than most non-weapon-mounted light holsters. When worn appendix, the holster rides more toward the hip point and lower in the belt line for optimal concealment.

    ADJUSTABLE CAMMING BAR | The CERTUM LUX2 comes with three detachable camming bars. When cinched by the belt, the camming bar rotates the grip into the body, maximizing concealment. The camming bars come in three sizes (1/4" - 3/8" - 1/2") to allow for personalized adjustments for the ideal fit.

    LEAN DESIGN | The features of the CERTUM LUX2 are intentionally molded into the holster for a slim and durable product. The CERTUM LUX2 is made from thick (0.093”) and durable thermoplastic for longevity.

    INTEGRATED PERFORMANCE | Using our own CAD designs and precision CNC machined tooling, the CERTUM LUX is designed for performance. Everything has a place and a purpose.

    • Each holster is molded to our Trucise™ fit which creates a uniquely secure holster with a smooth and consistent draw.
    • The mid-ride shirt guard is carefully profiled to allow for an unencumbered high-thumb grip.
    • The gun sits low to optimize concealment but high enough so the belt does not interfere with a full grip of the gun for consistency and speed. The height adjustment of the attachment options can be dialed in for a precise carry position.
    • Profiled at the top, the CERTUM LUX2 supports most conventional slide-mounted red dot sights.
    • The sight channel is tall to allow for suppressor-height sights.
    • A round profiled bottom is shaped for comfort on your hip and is compatible with threaded barrels.
    • The dual tension screws enable subtle adjustments and security.

    PERSONALIZED PERFORMANCE | One of the biggest challenges to integrating a holster into daily life is ride height. We have carefully designed subtle and robust ride height adjustment into the CERTUM LUX2. The attachment options carefully balance security, durability, concealment, and convenience. Most of the attachments are spaced to allow the user to split a pant loop to increase flexibility in the placement of the holster. 

    T1 CLIP | The Tenicor T1 belt clip by Discreet Carry Concepts leverages strength and durability with unique Tenicor-designed slots. This intelligent design feature allows the clip to adjust vertically up to 0.80 inches, providing subtle ride height adjustment. The dual screws provide stability, and the staggered height slots keep the overall length trim. (Compatible with 1.5” belts.)
    CLOSED SOFT LOOP | This is the most durable option. If you want the holster to stay in place in the most extreme circumstances, then this is the option for you. The closed loops are extremely low profile to reduce unnecessary bulges. (Compatible with 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75” belts.)
    SNAP LOOP | A convenient full loop option, the snap loops allow the holster to be taken on and off without removing the belt. (Compatible with 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75” belts.)

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