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Email info@tenicor.com and let us know how we can help.

If you bought directly from us and you're not satisfied with the product's performance, we'll take it back and give you a refund, forever. (Email atinfo@tenicor.com.) We even pay shipping.

If you purchased it from one of our distributors, please contact them first.

*Return policy DOES NOT APPLY for international orders.

*Permanent customization or modification of the product voids our return policy.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. (email atinfo@tenicor.com) Free return shipping.

*Permanent customization or modification of the product voids our warranty policy.

Yes, for active duty and retired Military & Law Enforcement.  Please email (info@tenicor.com) us a copy of your official government ID (or some other authorized verification), and we will send you a coupon code.

We don’t have a wait list.  If the item is out of stock, please sign up to be automatically notified when it is in stock again.

Our design and development process is resource intensive. Thus, we don’t do one off and small runs of custom items.  However, if you have a large order we’d be happy to discuss options.

Yes, we are currently in the process of designing tooling to add new types of guns.  Please sign up for our email list, Instagram page (@tenicorusa), or Facebook page for news and announcements.

The T1 clips can be tricky if you're not used to them.

Here's a quick how-to video for getting them on your belt easily: T1 Clips How-To.

And here's another video with more info if you're still having trouble with the clips: T1 Clips How-To (full)

Yes, all of our holsters for Glock will accommodate the Gen5 models.

Please check out this YouTube video for a break down of the differences between the VELO4 and CERTUM3 holsters.

The SAGAX LUX2 is a dedicated AIWB holster with molded-in body contour. It is designed exclusively for AIWB carry and cannot be worn on the hip.

The CERTUM LUX2 does not have the molded in body contour and has hole patterning to allow for either AIWB carry or hip carry. The CERTUM LUX2 offers significant cant adjustment to adapt for either AIWB or hip carry.