FERO2 OWB Mag Pouch

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    FERO | fe.roː | v. | Latin



    SATISFACTION GUARANTEE | If it fails, we will replace it.

    PURPOSEFUL DESIGN | Sleek and intelligently designed, the FERO2 magazine pouch utilizes a purpose-built proprietary clip to minimize bulk and maximize concealment and security. The clip can be adjusted to accommodate 1.50" and 1.75" belts securely. Additionally, stand-off between the clip and the magazine pouch is  adjustable to provide a tight fit across a range of belt thicknesses.

    SECURELY CONCEALED | Built from thick and durable thermoplastic, the design maximizes concealment by riding high on the belt and above the cover garment.

    PRECISION FIT | Built from proprietary CAD designs and precision CNC machined tooling for a positive, Trucise™fit. Dual tension screws allow for subtle adjustments.

    Size C Size D Size E
    G48 / 43X / S15 G19 / G17 2011
    PDP / PPQ P320 Staccato C2 / P / XC / XL
    Q4 M&P 9 / 40
    XD9 XD .40
    P229 PX4
    CZ - 75B APX
    FNX - 9 HK VP9
    Berreta 92 CZ P10
    P365 FNS
    Staccato CS FN 509


    Streamlined and efficient, the FERO magazine pouch is built for everyday carry. The magazine sits close to the body maximizing concealment for on the belt outside the waistband carry on the support side.

    OPTIMIZED CONCEALMENT FOR CONTINUED WEAR | The design is minimal with no excess. The pouch rides high on the belt line and close to the body to stay hidden.

    ROBUST DESIGN | The FERO is made from a thick and durable thermoplastic for long life.

    INTEGRATED PERFORMANCE | Using custom CAD designs and precision machined CNC tooling, the FERO is designed for performance. The pouch is designed to sit on the support side with bullet tips pointing forward. The dual retention screws allow for custom tension adjustment.  The clip height is adjustable to fit either a 1.5” or 1.75”. The stand-off between the clip and the magazine pouch is also adjustable to provide a tight fit on a variety of belt thicknesses.

    *Note: the belt loop is profiled to fit a wide variety of belts. It will fit securely on single thickness nylon and leather belts to most triple thickness nylon belts. However, there are some leather belts that may not fit due to the thickness of the belt. Please contact us if this is an issue for you.

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