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Operations Assistant: Inventory and Fulfillment  

Operations assistants work as a team to accurately fulfill daily orders.

With an understanding of our inventory system, an operations assistant will receive new supplies and materials, ensuring those items meet our quality standards. Humility in understanding new concepts and embracing systematic thinking are requirements.

Specific Tasks

  • Product Inventory
    • Accurately assembles product components.
    • Understands the various aspects of our inventory systems, supplies, and usage of those systems.
    • Performs efficient work with accuracy and troubleshoots to maintain inventory system accuracy.
    • Maintains appropriate buffer inventory.
  • Supplies and Materials
    • Responsible for ensuring received orders are accurate.
    • Contributes to quality assurance and appropriate levels of supplies and materials.
    • Understands and helps to maintain storage and resupply systems (Kanban).
  • Fulfillment
    • Accurately ships orders per our service level agreement (same or next business day).
    • Has, or quickly develops, a working knowledge of shipping systems and methods.

Skills and Culture

  • Culture fit - positive influence on company and people. Strives for excellence in self and others—humble, adaptable, uncomplaining, willing and able to hear correction, looking to improve the company’s culture and systems.
  • Knowledge and Ability - Quickly absorbs details about the various processes and systems we use and has the ability to accurately and quickly implement them. Actively problem solves by utilizing the scientific method.
  • Humility and work ethic are key aspects of this job. Willingness to admit and then correct mistakes is of utmost importance. (Hansei)
  • Computer literacy (typing, email, ability to navigate basic operating systems) or the ability to quickly grow in this area.

What does success look like?

Mastery and improvement of the specified tasks listed above. We are looking for people who get things done and strive to perform their duties with excellence. Determined focus and a desire to improve processes, systems, and team members is crucial to success.

This position is full-time. Must be 18 or older. Pay is $20/hour (after $17/hour probation period at start). 

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