To advance the mission of TENICOR, educate the industry, and support our law enforcement and military professionals, TENICOR offers a small number of promotional training courses.  Contextual based training is foundational to the development and maintenance of mindset, tactics, and skill.  

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT | We have built this curriculum to assist in the testing and design of our products. If equipment doesn’t make you more efficient at problem solving, then it is useless. Equipment should unburden the user during performance.  If you don’t have to think about your equipment when executing skills and tactics, then the equipment is doing its job.

EDUCATE INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS | The industry has been on an accelerated growth and maturing process for many years. This has spurred new energy, new insights, and exciting new products.  We want to provide an opportunity to partners in the industry to come together and enhance their understanding of why we need products and how they should work within the context of saving lives.  If we can help you understand our products in more depth or assist you in developing your ideas, then our training is for you.

ENABLE THOSE WHO KEEP US SAFE | Serving in the military and law enforcement is demanding. Additionally, it is difficult to find training that explains the principles behind tactics and skill and helps students to internalize the information to perform on demand.  Thus, we invite those who sacrifice for us on a daily basis to assist in the development of our products and obtain tactics, skills and information that will help them do their job.



We lay the foundational mindset, tactics, and skills for problem solving in a lethal force confrontation.  For those new to the use of firearms in the context of a lethal confrontation, this is a demanding 20 hour course.  For those who have embraced the life of the professional tactician whether vocationally or not, this course will challenge some of your assumptions and provide you with a systematic foundation to build on optimizing your learning as you move forward.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Mindset: Priorities of Survival, Universal Firearms Handling Rules, awareness, use of force decision making, legalities of justified lethal force, wound ballistics
  • Tactics: use of space, use of cover, verbal interactions
  • Skill: holster and un-holster, ready positions, load, check condition of readiness, unload, Integrated act of firing, precision marksmanship, fast accuracy, reloads, stoppage reduction, deliberate movement
  • Equipment: gun designs and modifications, carry gear, training aids

Required Equipment:

  • Reliable semi-auto handgun
  • Minimum 3 magazines (6 if you are shooting a single stack)
  • 600 rounds of ammunition (bring 1000 just to be sure)
  • Quality leather or polymer holster and magazine pouch designed specifically for your handgun
  • Rigid/sturdy belt to support equipment
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Humility and the willingness to explore differences

Attendance & cost: BY INVITATION ONLY



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