T1 Belt Clip

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    The T1 is a uniquely designed attachment that balances security, concealment, and adaptability.

    STAGGERED SLOTS | This intelligent design feature allows the clip to adjust vertically up to 0.45 inches giving subtle ride height adjustments. The dual screws provide stability, and the staggered height slots keep the overall length trim.

    UNDER-HOOK THAT PERFORMS | The under-hook or the clip has a built-in progressive strain release. If it sees a large amount of force, the under hook gradually bends rather than breaks with sudden failure. 

    CUSTOM ALLOY | Discreet Carry Concepts uses a custom 10XX steel alloy for optimal strength and ductility.

    CRAFTED IN AMERICA | These are truly American made parts.  From cold rolling to deburring, these parts are touched 14 times by craftsman who take pride in their work and know that each clip supports lifesaving equipment.

    *Compatible with the VELO Holster and 1.5” Belts
    **Clips can be purchased by themselves or in a hardware pack to go on your VELO holster.
    ***Contact for volume pricing: info@tenicor.com


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