Tenicor Tip: Unholster & Reholster

May 13, 2017 1 min read 1 Comment


Here is a video from our recent Foundations Handgun Course where I break down administrative unholster and re-holstering of the gun. 

Grip the gun with consistency (the same way every time).  We also want to front load; we do as much as we can as early as we can in the process.  

Clear - Snatch the gun straight up out of the holster until the shoulder binds.  This will ensure a consistent and reliable draw from the holster for all guns and all holsters. Additionally, ride the rails of your body for a consistent reference for the same draw every time. 

Lock - As the gun is snatched from the holster you hit a stop point, and the muzzle rotates up on its own.  Don’t drop your elbow (slow and extra movement). 

Join/Ready - From the lock position bring the gun forward for a full two handed grip on the gun compressed against your chest and under the shooting eye. 

Re-holster - Again, consistency…maintain a full firing grip all the way to the holster with the gun secure.  Don’t get lazy.  Your body and your mind learn gun handling on the way out and on the way back.  If you get lazy on the way back, your skills will breakdown when you need them the most. 

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Kevin Ong
Kevin Ong

November 14, 2017

Completely agree with everything, especially with the last portion of the video in regards to maintaining complete control of the handgun while reholstering until the handgun is completely secured. About a decade ago, I had a coworker attempt reholster his $2,000+ Les Baer 1911 to go “hands on” (with arrest control techniques) with a suspect, who ended up running. Unfortunately, my coworker completely missed his holster and, assuming his handgun was in the holster already, released his grip on his handgun, which embarrassingly fell onto the ground in the alley. Although retrieving his fallen pistol delayed his foot pursuit of the suspect, my coworker ultimately ran the suspect down and made his arrest.

Good on you for addressing this issue!

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