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May 17, 2017 1 min read 4 Comments


Here is a video from the recent Tenicor Foundations Handgun Course on loading, checking condition of readiness and unload.  

Keys for the load:

  • To generate more power during the rack, push with the shooting hand and pull with the racking hand. 
  • To be efficient in the movement and re-gripping of the gun (it matters for immediate action and speed load), rack in a circular motion returning from underneath the gun for a full grip.

Keys for the check condition of readiness: 

  • Check the chamber & check the mag.  
  • Don’t just look, feel also so you can do it in the dark.  
  • Do it the same way every time. 

Unload steps

  • Remove the mag
  • Rack it
  • Work it
  • Lock it
  • Check it (visual & physical inspection)

Are you consistent? Admin skills should mirror your tactical skills whenever possible.  Learn one way to do it, so you never do it wrong!

Keys for left hand slide manipulation: 

  • Roll the gun when you rack; gravity is your friend. 
  • Prep the right hand thumb on the notch in the slide cut for the slide stop.  I recognize that won’t work on one handed manipulations.  It is completely reasonable to use your left hand index finger to push up on the slide stop as an alternative.  I would not, however, switch hands.  I have seen left handed shooters move the gun to the right hand to lock the slide open.  


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