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This is a Bill Drill Shot at 5 yards on an 8x6 plate. The Bill Drill (designed by Bill Wilson) is 6 rounds on the target from the holster and typically shot at 5 yards into the A zone of an IPSC silhouette. While a relatively simple drill, it is complex enough that it is hard to cheat especially when you start pushing the distance out. Rather than just a single round from the holster, the Bill Drill forces you to draw and engage the target with a solid platform and follow through rather than just a single shot with no follow through and no structure to support rapid accurate shots on a reasonable target. Additionally, shooting a 6 shot string instead of 2 or 3 forces you to be honest. If the structure behind the gun does not support fast accuracy, then your accuracy and rhythm while shooting will reveal your deficit. At 5 yards, I find 2 seconds to be a magic point. If you can consistently hit 2 seconds (not after 10 or 15 attempts), you are doing awesome! Really, for most people, if they can walk off the street on to the range in the clothes they wear everyday in the holster then actually carry everyday and consistently hit 3 seconds or less cold and from concealment, the are doing pretty well.

This demo is nothing fancy and not particularly fast, just consistent with good follow through. I am clearing my cover garment with my shooting hand (strongly my preference) and being deliberate with my post engagement gun handling.

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